Preparing Your Garden for the Winter

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The fall has just arrived, and it’s the ideal moment to start thinking about the proper way to prepare a garden for the winter. Although it consists of several steps, the preparation is not an overly complicated process. 

In this blog, we will address the necessary steps you should take, as a responsible gardener, to ensure your garden is prepared properly for the winter in order for it to thrive next spring!

ABCs on Preparing Your Garden for Snowy Days 

1. One of the first things to do is clean up rotting and dead plants, or even better, bury them in the soil and enrich it with organic matters. 

2. The next step is getting rid of all the invasive weeds. This way you will prevent them from sprouting again, and what’s even more important, they won’t interfere with the next year’s crop.

3. Next, you should prepare the soil for spring, meaning enhance it with compost, manure, and other useful ingredients. Although many people do this in spring, it’s better to do this in autumn to activate the soil and have fewer preparations when the spring comes.

4. Don’t forget plant covers, especially if you live in colder climates! 

5. As for the plants themselves, you should prune perennials, as well as divide and plant bulbs. The best would be to do an overall assessment of your plants and determin the maintenance that needs to be done to each. 

6. Once you’ve completed the five steps outlined above, clean and sharpen your tools and take pride in being a responsible gardener! 

Top Three Useful Tools for You 

In order to make your preparation a bit easier, the following three tools are products that every gardener should have in their shed: 

  1. Set of tools
    Made of wood and iron, these lovely yet powerful gadgets will help you get rid of mentioned weeds and maintaining your plans. This particular toolset can be utilized for a variety of different plants.
  2. Pruning shears
    Equipped with an anti-slip grip, these pruners are the ideal tool for avid gardeners. Enabling you to shape your plant the way you want, and remove the dead or diseased parts of it. It’s your perfect assistant for preparing the garden for the snowy season.
  3. Gardening gloves
    If you have sensitive skin, a pair of gloves is a mandatory addition to your gardening toolkit. By using them, you will not only keep your hands clean, but you will also protect them from any harmful particles from the soil. 

Final Thoughts 

Our team at Garden Your Senses sincerely hopes that you’ve enjoyed our brief yet insightful guide on how to prepare your garden for winter. If you’re interested in the products presented above, check out our well-equipped online store to find more useful and affordable tools.