Indoor Gardening: What You Need to Get Started

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Indoor gardening is a great way to test out your green thumb, no matter the weather outside. Whether you want to grow plants for beauty, produce you can eat, or a combination of the two, you will need a few basic things before you can get started. 

Containers to Grow In 

You will also need the containers that you’ll grow your plants in. This will depend somewhat on how you plan to grow. If you haven’t already decided if you want to use soil or hydroponics, now is the time, as the latter typically uses specialized containers. If you are growing plants from seeds, consider seedling trays and pots. 

Potting Soil (or Nutrients for Water)

If you decide to go with the traditional route of conducting indoor gardening in soil, you will need to get that soil. Opt for high-quality, organic soil for the best results. If you are opting for indoor gardening in water, you will need a source of fresh water and the liquid nutrients to put in. 

Your Seeds (or Plants)

You will also need whatever you plan to grow, whether that is seeds or established plants. Many gardeners love the sense of accomplishment that comes with growing something from seed to full-grown plant. Others prefer to get a head start and buy seedlings. There are even some produce you can grow from food scraps, such as potatoes or onions. Just remember that depending on the type of food scrap, you may not get a full version of the vegetable. Carrot scraps, for example, only regrow the leafy greens on the top. 


You have two options when it comes to lighting your indoor garden. If you are lucky enough to have a sunny spot in your home, this is great. Otherwise, you can invest in garden lights that will mimic the sun’s light. 

Examples of Great Products to Start Your Indoor Nursery

An Indoor Greenhouse

For those who want to stay organized, an indoor greenhouse like this one is perfect for indoor gardening. It keeps everything in its place and has a covering to help you maintain the perfect climate for your plants without having to sacrifice your indoor comfort. 

Seedling Trays

When you get started with indoor gardening, you will likely begin with seeds. The easiest way to grow seeds is in seedling trays, making them the smart investment for new gardeners. 

Ceramic Pots

Once your seedlings grow, these colorful pots offer a beautiful and sturdy place to transplant them and watch them grow and thrive.Get everything you need to start your indoor garden at Garden Your Senses, we carry a variety of items to help you set up your nursery and can provide you with other gardening tools.