Gardening Decorations For Your Backyard

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Gardening decorations for your backyard

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s finally time to bring out the gardening tools. Pick out the plant, prepare the soil and just plant the seeds or seedlings. Don’t forget to water them! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your plants bloom as a gardener. Although nothing beats seeing your plants grow, decorating your garden comes pretty close. Decorating your garden adds a touch of personality and character. It’s what completes your garden. With so many gardening decorations to choose from, you can customize your garden however you like. Here are some fun gardening decorations to add to this year’s shopping list. 

Unique Gardening Decorations For You 

Glow in the Dark Stones: These glow-in-the-dark stones are colourful and fun. Scatter them around your garden for an ethereal view. Not only are they cool to look at, but you can also spread them along your pathway to brighten it up too. They come in 5 different colours and are a functional and beautiful addition to your garden. 

Yard Butterflies: They’re beautiful to look at as most butterflies are. It’s the perfect gardening decoration for potted plants and your garden bed. They’re strong enough for vine plants to wrap around the sticks and besides bees, butterflies also pollinate your plants. It’s a cute way to attract more butterflies and promote the health of your garden. Yard butterflies are affordable and can add some height and stability to your plants. 

Solar Owl Light: Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If the answer is yes, then maybe you’d consider purchasing your own Hedwig. This realistic owl light will illuminate your backyard easily and ward off animals like mice and rabbits that can ruin your plants. It’s solar-powered, casts a warm glow and comes in white or brown. It also comes with its very own stand. It’ll add a magical and mysterious feel to your garden. Looks like Harry Potter just came back to visit from Hogwarts. 

Garden Your Senses

Gardening is not just a simple hobby, it’s a lifestyle. To be able to grow and nurture something is special. Growing your own plants requires skills and expertise from experience and research. It can be a difficult task but it is always rewarding. Whether you need gardening decorations or supplies, Garden Your Senses is the store for you. They are committed to providing the best customer service and high-quality products at an affordable price. They offer free shipping on orders over $100. Start your spring gardening experience today and visit Garden Your Senses.

Indoor Gardening: What You Need to Get Started

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Indoor gardening is a great way to test out your green thumb, no matter the weather outside. Whether you want to grow plants for beauty, produce you can eat, or a combination of the two, you will need a few basic things before you can get started. 

Containers to Grow In 

You will also need the containers that you’ll grow your plants in. This will depend somewhat on how you plan to grow. If you haven’t already decided if you want to use soil or hydroponics, now is the time, as the latter typically uses specialized containers. If you are growing plants from seeds, consider seedling trays and pots. 

Potting Soil (or Nutrients for Water)

If you decide to go with the traditional route of conducting indoor gardening in soil, you will need to get that soil. Opt for high-quality, organic soil for the best results. If you are opting for indoor gardening in water, you will need a source of fresh water and the liquid nutrients to put in. 

Your Seeds (or Plants)

You will also need whatever you plan to grow, whether that is seeds or established plants. Many gardeners love the sense of accomplishment that comes with growing something from seed to full-grown plant. Others prefer to get a head start and buy seedlings. There are even some produce you can grow from food scraps, such as potatoes or onions. Just remember that depending on the type of food scrap, you may not get a full version of the vegetable. Carrot scraps, for example, only regrow the leafy greens on the top. 


You have two options when it comes to lighting your indoor garden. If you are lucky enough to have a sunny spot in your home, this is great. Otherwise, you can invest in garden lights that will mimic the sun’s light. 

Examples of Great Products to Start Your Indoor Nursery

An Indoor Greenhouse

For those who want to stay organized, an indoor greenhouse like this one is perfect for indoor gardening. It keeps everything in its place and has a covering to help you maintain the perfect climate for your plants without having to sacrifice your indoor comfort. 

Seedling Trays

When you get started with indoor gardening, you will likely begin with seeds. The easiest way to grow seeds is in seedling trays, making them the smart investment for new gardeners. 

Ceramic Pots

Once your seedlings grow, these colorful pots offer a beautiful and sturdy place to transplant them and watch them grow and thrive.Get everything you need to start your indoor garden at Garden Your Senses, we carry a variety of items to help you set up your nursery and can provide you with other gardening tools.

Gardening Supplies 101

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Gardening supplies for better gardening results.

Whether you are thinking of an indoor or outdoor garden, you will need to make sure you have all the supplies you need to get started. Technically, you can make do with just soil and seeds, provided you have either containers to plant the seeds in or ground to dig up and use. However, you will get significantly better results and find gardening much easier with the proper supplies.

Must-have Gardening Supplies

Take a look at some of the must-have supplies you want on hand when you start your garden. You’ll also learn why they are so important or what to look for in them.

  • Garden Forks: These are better at turning soil than blades. If you want to dig, opt for straight tines. If you want to turn compost or mulch, opt for slightly curved spines.
  • Garden Knife: A garden knife can help you dig the holes for planting. Many gardeners suggest a hori hori.
  • Gloves: These will protect your hands, preventing splinters and dirt. Opt for something breathable, water-resistant, durable, not too bulky, and fits properly.
  • Hand Trowels: They are great for removing weeds, transplanting, and planting. Choose a narrow blade for tackling weeds or a broad one to handle more soil.
  • Loppers: These are long-handled versions of pruners to help you cut hard-to-reach areas or get through thick branches.
  • Pruning Shears/Hand Pruners/Secateurs: These will help you prune back plants that are getting out of control. Use bypass pruners for green wood and living plants and anvil pruners for deadwood.
  • Rake/Bow Rake: This tool helps with clearing leaves, turning soil, and spreading compost or soil over larger areas.
  • Spades: These are shovels with square ends and short handles. They make it easy to dig and move dirt.

Examples of Great Gardening Supplies

To save you the hassle of finding supplies that meet your needs, consider these great options.

Three-piece Set

If you want to start with the bare basics, this three-piece set has what you need, with a spade, trowel, and garden fork. 

Pruning Shears

These pruning shears come in the anvil type, making them perfect for trimming back dead plants. They have a comfortable anti-slip grip as well.

Heavy Pruning Shears

If you have tougher plants in your garden, you may want these heavy pruning shears, complete with a longer handle to give you more leverage and better grip. They are particularly helpful for clearing wood.

Gardening Gloves

These gardening gloves are thin enough to be comfortable and easy to move in, yet thick enough to provide protection. They even come in a pack of five pairs, so you can always have a pair on hand if you need to wash one set.You can find these and all the other gardening supplies you will need at Garden Your Senses.

Perfect Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

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Have you been looking for Perfect Gifts for Gardeners?

Have you been looking for Perfect Gifts for Gardeners?

As the gift-giving days are approaching, it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Do you have a person in your life who loves to garden? Perhaps a family member or a friend? If so, Garden Your Senses has a variety of quality products available for purchase. In this blog, we will outline 3 interesting gifts that any gardener is sure to enjoy. 

The Definition of a Perfect Gift for Gardeners 

An ideal gift is one given from the bottom of your heart. It can be a combination of something that is both thoughtful and practical. This will allow the person who received it to have something unique yet applicable. If you have a gardener in your life, try “Wowing” them with a gift catered to one of their hobbies. 

That being said, if you’re not an avid gardener, you may be wondering if there are products available that go beyond the common assortment of planters, tools, instruction manuals, and plant-related books? The short answer is yes. There’s a vast selection of products available to give to the gardener in your life.

Top Three Excellent Gifts for Gardeners

Walking through our supply store you will encounter the following interesting items that could make gardeners happy:

  1. Figurines- lovers on a bench
    These lovely miniatures can breathe new life into any garden. They’re small, cute and are perfect for decorating your garden. Made of PVC, they are extremely durable and can withstand both rainy and windy climates. It’s an excellent gift for those who take a special place in your heart. 
  2.  The owl that glows in the dark
    Placed outside, this unique gadget charges on solar energy during the day so it can turn on and glow when the sun goes down. The Manufacturers did a great job in mimicking the owl’s life cycle. This product adds a creative touch to your garden and the Owl acts as a fun alternative to a simple lamp or torch. 
  3. Growth mold
    Have you ever tried a heart-shaped cucumber salad? With this inventive gadget, ordinary salads will no longer be on your menu. Both practical and unique, this product is a classic gift that can be used all-year round. It’s great for parents who want to encourage and promote healthy eating for their children.

Final Thoughts

There are just a few of the many amazing products that Garden Your Senses has to offer. If you’re interested in the products presented above, check out our well-equipped online store to the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. If you’d like to learn more about the products available, please contact us today and our team will be happy to. 

Preparing Your Garden for the Winter

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The fall has just arrived, and it’s the ideal moment to start thinking about the proper way to prepare a garden for the winter. Although it consists of several steps, the preparation is not an overly complicated process. 

In this blog, we will address the necessary steps you should take, as a responsible gardener, to ensure your garden is prepared properly for the winter in order for it to thrive next spring!

ABCs on Preparing Your Garden for Snowy Days 

1. One of the first things to do is clean up rotting and dead plants, or even better, bury them in the soil and enrich it with organic matters. 

2. The next step is getting rid of all the invasive weeds. This way you will prevent them from sprouting again, and what’s even more important, they won’t interfere with the next year’s crop.

3. Next, you should prepare the soil for spring, meaning enhance it with compost, manure, and other useful ingredients. Although many people do this in spring, it’s better to do this in autumn to activate the soil and have fewer preparations when the spring comes.

4. Don’t forget plant covers, especially if you live in colder climates! 

5. As for the plants themselves, you should prune perennials, as well as divide and plant bulbs. The best would be to do an overall assessment of your plants and determin the maintenance that needs to be done to each. 

6. Once you’ve completed the five steps outlined above, clean and sharpen your tools and take pride in being a responsible gardener! 

Top Three Useful Tools for You 

In order to make your preparation a bit easier, the following three tools are products that every gardener should have in their shed: 

  1. Set of tools
    Made of wood and iron, these lovely yet powerful gadgets will help you get rid of mentioned weeds and maintaining your plans. This particular toolset can be utilized for a variety of different plants.
  2. Pruning shears
    Equipped with an anti-slip grip, these pruners are the ideal tool for avid gardeners. Enabling you to shape your plant the way you want, and remove the dead or diseased parts of it. It’s your perfect assistant for preparing the garden for the snowy season.
  3. Gardening gloves
    If you have sensitive skin, a pair of gloves is a mandatory addition to your gardening toolkit. By using them, you will not only keep your hands clean, but you will also protect them from any harmful particles from the soil. 

Final Thoughts 

Our team at Garden Your Senses sincerely hopes that you’ve enjoyed our brief yet insightful guide on how to prepare your garden for winter. If you’re interested in the products presented above, check out our well-equipped online store to find more useful and affordable tools. 

What are the Best Tough Terrain Gardening Tools?

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What are the Best Tough Terrain Gardening Tools?

Strong, durable horticultural tools are a worthy investment for any avid gardener.  Tough terrain garden tools are especially warranted if you live in an area with compacted soil or if you are likely to encounter roots, stumps and/or rocks while gardening.  Working within a tough terrain garden can be a very laborious and tiresome task, however, using the appropriate tools can alleviate some of the workload. In this article, we will review and discuss a variety of tough terrain gardening tools available on the market.

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Gardening Tools Through the Decades

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Gardening Tools Through the Decades

The majority of avid home gardeners will likely have a shed full of electrical gardening tools. However, when asked what their most frequently used and valued tools are, the answer will be similar to that of a small-scale farmer from the 1800s – ‘I can’t live without my spade, hoe and watering can’.  In this article, we will take a short journey through the history of old fashioned gardening tools to those used in the present day.

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