What are the Best Tough Terrain Gardening Tools?

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What are the Best Tough Terrain Gardening Tools?

Strong, durable horticultural tools are a worthy investment for any avid gardener.  Tough terrain garden tools are especially warranted if you live in an area with compacted soil or if you are likely to encounter roots, stumps and/or rocks while gardening.  Working within a tough terrain garden can be a very laborious and tiresome task, however, using the appropriate tools can alleviate some of the workload. In this article, we will review and discuss a variety of tough terrain gardening tools available on the market.

Hard, compacted soil, roots and rocks will all easily damage poor-quality tools.  When working in tough terrain, we recommend purchasing durable stainless-steel tools to ensure that it will last for multiple seasons. Below is a list of the top six essential tough terrain gardening tools that will help get you started:

Heavy Pruning Shears

Ensure you purchase multi-purpose shears for pruning small tree branches and shrubs.  You can extend the lifetime of your pruning shears by keeping them clean from dirt and tree sap, and making sure the blades are periodically sharpened.


Pickaxes are commonly used on rocky or compact soil and tough terrain that is full of small tree stumps, rocks and roots. This multifunctional tool is ideal for breaking up soil and digging out large rocks.

Azada Hoe

There are several different hoes available on the market, but if you are working with tough terrain, we recommend using a heavier and larger Azada hoe, or grubbing hoe. These tools easily break and loosen compact soil and can also be used to carry it away.

Broad Fork 

This device is used to loosen soil, similar to a large pitchfork.  Sometimes called a U-Fork or Grelinette, this tough terrain garden tool will enable you to use your full body weight to more easily drive the metal tines into the hard soil and assist with aeration and drainage.

Trench Spade

The straight sides and pointed end allow this shovel to easily sink into the dense ground and tough terrain. However, it will not be sufficient for moving large amounts of soil.

Digging Shovel

This shovel is suitable for digging, lifting and transporting a variety of materials including compost, soil or gravel.

If you’re interested in learning more about what products you should be using in your tough terrain garden, please contact our team at Garden Your Senses today. If you’re ready to start shopping for gardening tools, head on over to our online store! We have a variety of quality products and tools available for a variety of different gardening terrains.